Do you need extra expertise on an ad-hoc basis to help with your digital risk related challenges and problems?


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Are you in control of your risks ... or are they controlling you? When did you last check that your project and system related risk processes are still fit for purpose?


Benefit from quick, flexible access to independent risk management expertise; introducing our Risk Management Health Check.

For over thirty years we have been helping senior executives cope with the complex organisational change aspects of governance, risk or compliance, in diverse organisations right across the world.

Our Senior Partner, Robert Toogood, is a subject matter expert in digital risk, with specialist expertise in areas such as cyber security, data protection and privacy (including Brexit and GDPR), information security, business resilience, governance, and risk management. His real-world digital risk experience spans over eighteen years, based on a successful systems and project management background.


Our Risk Management Health Check is customised to meet the specific needs of each client. In working with you, we promise to:

  • PASSIONATELY and enthusiastically care about you and your problems/challenges;
  • Work in PARTNERSHIP with and not in isolation from you, acting as your conscience and sounding board but challenging when appropriate;
  • LISTEN to you and not impose pre-conceived solutions, taking time to properly understand the context in which you operate and only then, use our experience to provide appropriate feedback and innovative solutions.









In delivering the Risk Management Health Check, we use our five-step ORDER™ approach to undertake this work for you:

STEP 1: Overview... CONTEXT

The first and most important part of our health check is to get an overview of your business and the environment in which it is operating.  This understanding provides us with the important context from which to undertake your review and subsequent activities.


Using this understanding, we pragmatically review your current risk management activities against our unique assessment framework. This framework uses established best practice from organisations such as the International Standards Organisation (ISO), Institute of Risk Management (IRM), Project Management Institute (PMI), and AXELOS/TCO. Our evaluation is reality based and not theoretically driven; it is based on the real-world in which we all live and work… so we leverage on real-life experiences and learnings.

STEP 3: Develop... ANALYSIS

With this feedback, we analyse the data we have collected and use this to identify any gaps that should be the subject of further discussion and potentially, remediation.

STEP 4: Evolve... PLANNING

Once we have completed our analysis, we consolidate our findings and produce a formal report that includes a prioritised action plan which can then be used as the foundation of subsequent activities.

STEP 5: Report... NEXT STEPS

Finally, we present our report to you so together we can discuss our findings and agree next steps.


Summarising, our Risk Management Health Check:

  • Is INDEPENDENTLY delivered using real-life experience and reference to international best practice;
  • Makes PRACTICAL prioritised suggestions as to how weaknesses can be addressed and strengths more effectively used;
  • Offers PEACE OF MIND about whether your current processes are still efficient, effective and fit for purpose.


Contact our Senior Partner, Robert Toogood, direct on +44 (0)1983 617241 or via email to discuss how we can help you, on a completely confidential and non-obligation basis.


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